Unio Tech

The Solution To Your IT Concerns

Long ago, you sent your staff to work at home. To their credit, they realized that they were lacking some IT essentials at home. So, they took power bars, keyboards, laptops, monitors, cables and possibly even ergonomic chairs. And, bless them, they were right to do so because the lockdown lasted longer than anyone imagined.

Secure Your Move

Our teams are more highly trained and supervised than any competitor because of the vigilant on-site supervisor and the off-site screening and coordination. Our Ready On-Time Guarantee™ is the industry’s most comprehensive.

Don’t Fall Into The I.T. Relocation Gap

I.T. Equipment Relocation is sometimes done in-house because it seems “easy” but you will see it is the source of most of your moveday complaints. I.T. equipment relocation — unplugging, plugging in, installing monitors, re-connecting equipment correctly, turning on computers, setting up a technology workstation ergonomically etc — is considered “too low” for I.T. Technicians.

The Privacy Risks of Moving

Even the most secure departments and organizations are vulnerable on move day. Normally you spend a lot of time and money keeping “strangers” out. But, during the chaos of move day, you invite them into your most secure departments and offices.

Office Moving Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful With The Right Help

Almost everyone can relate to moving a home. That day and leading up to that day is stressful and chaotic at best. But when you’re in an organization where it’s not just you judging the value of your work, you’ve got bosses and employees, and you’re moving hundreds of workstations and server rooms, it adds a level of complexity that can take you by surprise if you aren’t prepared.

Disinfecting Office for COVID using Electrostatic Sprayer

5 Reasons Why Disinfecting Your Facility Is Vitally Important

Offices, businesses and schools in the Greater Toronto area have had a lot of ups and downs over the past year. Are we open? Are we closed? It has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of stress to your mental health, productivity and your bottom line. For businesses having your offices closed is not good financially. Being able to serve your customers in person is an important part of any sales process.