IT & Office Relocations

commercial moving services

Commercial moving services and IT relocation are among the top services Unio Tech Solutions provides. Whether your company is doing  internal office relocations between floors or you are moving to a new building, Unio Tech can assist with all aspects of your move. As well, if you office is closing down, Unio Tech Solutions provides full office decommissioning and office furniture liquidation services

Office relocations can be stressful and time consuming. Unio Tech Solutions saves you countless hours of overtime work and gives you back your weekends by being your one point of contact and taking care of the strategic and physical aspects of your move. We can help you with moving and storage, packing services, IT project & relocation management, IT relocation, disconnect and reconnect of workstation technology and more. Unio Tech Solutions works closely with property managers, facilities managers and IT managers.  Consider us a part of your office relocations team.

office relocations

Office RelocationsUnio Tech’s off-site administration team is as strong as it hands-on delivery team. Together we strategically plan your office move and execute on that plan with our full range of commercial moving services. We solve the “problems” on your behalf. We protect you against the stress, downtime, overwhelm and unnecessary expenses that come with office relocations we don’t manage. Unio Tech Solutions gives you back your weekends and evenings you would have spent managing your move. Our team takes the extra “unseen” steps to organize and deliver an on-time, on-budget, “quiet” move.

packing services

Office Relocations - Packing ServicesUnio Tech Solutions is a packing service specialist. We pack technology securely and correctly in order to prevent damage during transportation. We also have specialist teams for packing and moving office contents and confidential files for Human Resources Departments, Research and Development offices, Creative Firms and Executive Suites. In order to further secure important contents we can provide security ties to seal bins with a unique number identifiers. This minimizes the risk of critical items being tampered with. 

it relocation - Disconnect/Reconnect Service for technology

IT relocation is one of Unio Tech Solutions’ specialties. We disconnect, pack and set-up in your new location all of your IT assets and hardware, such as computers, monitors, monitor arms, keyboards, mice, servers, phones, docking stations and other equipment. After the reconnect, devices are powered up and tested to ensure that everything is ready for your first day back working at your new location. Unio Tech can provide internal move support and building-to-building support.

Next Business Day Fine Tune Service

Next Business Day Fine Tune ServiceAfter an office relocation is completed there is always “fine-tuning” to be done so that each end user is happy and productive in their new workstation. This may include adjusting hardware placement, equipment swaps, or moving monitor arms. Unio Tech Solutions can become an extension of your IT Department to deliver day one support and handle all the little fixes that are needed. The first day in your new location will be smooth with minimal downtime when you work with our tech teams.

IT Project & relocation management

IT Relocation & Project ManagementThe more complex the move, the more important strategy and planning are. Office relocations can include large scale facilities, technology that cannot be off-line, expensive equipment, tight deadlines and multi-city moves that all require a strategic plan that gives targets for tactical teams. Good IT project and relocation management ensures all the sub-components of a task are completed in the right order and at the right time. Unio Tech Solutions can be your one point of contact to coordinate all aspects of your move.