new equipment installation & IT services

There are many aspects to computer installation services that Unio Tech Solutions provides to corporate clients.  It is usually not realistic for your in-house IT Department to perform new technology installs of hundreds of new monitors, cable management systems or other technology items. A large scale deployment of technology can easily go beyond the scope of what they can handle. As a temporary extension of your IT Department we can bring in the additional staff needed to get the work done for you. Our tech teams install equipment such as laptops, PC’s, monitors, cable management systems, docking stations, keyboards, phones or other devices. If you need to purchase IT equipment such as docking stations, cables, cable management systems or other devices we can do that as well.

We come with all the required equipment to get the job done quickly and precisely. We also realize that sometimes work needs to be done after hours or on weekends to meet your specific business needs. Unio Tech Solutions can accommodate whatever time works for your company. Simply contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Monitor Installations

New Technology Installs - Monitor MountingIt is common for companies to add new monitors onto monitor arms and other workstation accessories to refresh and clear the space for staff to work more efficiently. Unio Tech Solutions has installed thousands of monitors onto arms and other accessories for corporate clients. Our goal is always picture perfect cable management so that workstations look professional, tidy and aesthetic. We can also organize removal of old monitors and monitor stands.

cable management Installations

Computer Installation - Cable Management SystemA critical part of computer installation is the management of all the cables that are connected to the docking station. If they are not run through a cable management system, the cables will look messy and pose the risk of tripping hazards. Unio Tech Solutions provides installation services for cable management systems on sit-stand desks as well as cubicles. We regularly work with products from Humanscale, Teknion and Steelcase. 

Deployments of new Hardware

New Technology Installs - Phones in a Toronto OfficeNew technology installs can be stressful if you don’t have a team in place to oversee and execute your hardware refresh. Unio Tech Solutions can unbox, set-up new technology include telephones, monitors, monitor arms, docking stations and laptops. As well, we can provide garbage and recycling disposal after the computer installation is complete. 

IT Support Services

Computer Installation by Unio Tech SolutionsSpecial projects within your IT department can come up requiring additional support for a few days or weeks. Our tech teams can assist with installing scripts on laptops, organizing IT storage rooms and cages, distributing technology onto different floors, printer configurations and setting up workstations for new hires. We also perform comprehensive IT inventories, serial number scanning and office IT readiness testing services.