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Office Furniture Liquidation

Whether you are downsizing, expanding or closing your office, Unio Tech Solutions provides a wide range of office decommissioning services. Unio Tech Solutions ensures your office decommission gets done smoothly and within your schedule requirements. Our decommission teams have taken office spaces as large as 75,000 square feet and brought them back to base building exactly as per the landlord’s requirements. These kinds of projects do not need to be high stress. We handle all your office furniture liquidation and decommissioning needs from start to finish.

To discuss office furniture liquidation, data cable or server removal or any of the services listed below contact [email protected]

furniture decommissioning

Office Furniture LiquidationYou may no longer need all the furniture you own. Part of your plan to close down your existing office space may be to decommission your office furniture. Unio Tech helps you meet green standards for the responsible decommissioning of excess workstations and office furniture. We manage the process of liquidating saleable brand names like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Teknion, as well as recycling or donating the rest. Without a commitment such as ours to keep unwanted furniture out of landfills, that’s where nearly 50% of decommissioned furniture ends up. The price for the landlord or tenant remains the same so doing good isn’t more expensive.

data cable & server room removal

Office Cable Removal ServicesWhen you move or close an office there is a requirement to return the space to its original condition and comply with fire and electrical codes. This usually includes the removal of cables from the ceilings, walls, desks and other furniture. This also includes the removal of your server room. Unio Tech Solutions can provide any required data cable and server removal services as per your lease conditions. While the goal is to leave the office the way you found it or better, there is a safety aspect to labeling cable for future use or removing it entirely. We understand that this is a necessary task and we complete both so the tenant and the landlord’s needs are met.

office equipment liquidation

Office Equipment LiquidationWhen you close an office, downsize or upgrade technology there is often excess inventory of technology and equipment. Technology that is considered obsolete by one company may be of value to another company. Equipment such as printers, monitors, docking stations and laptops may be able to be converted into cash. If something can be sold, we can sell that on your behalf through our office equipment liquidation services. If it does not have secondary market value, we can arrange for its removal and it will either be recycled or donated. We also offer secure hard drive shredding and will tell you which equipment need to be stripped of confidential data.

office chair liquidation

Herman Miller Chairs for LiquidationUnio Tech Solutions offers a single point of contact for all your office chair liquidation. Sales for “used” office chairs remain high as most workers still want to maintain a work from home office and an ergonomic office chairs is essential. Some office chairs and task chairs are considered of higher value than others. For example, Herman Miller Chairs remain in high demand. Since we are specialists in this area, Unio Tech can tell you which chairs have resale value and what is better recycled or donated. We ensure your excess office chairs don’t end up in landfills.

hvac and electrical removal

HVAC and Electrical Removal ServicesIf you manage a property or are a tenant, you have a duty to ensure that any office space being decommissioned is returned to original lease conditions and is done so in a manner that meets electrical code and safety standards. Unio Tech Solutions can coordinate the removal of HVAC systems, electrical, furniture whips, lit signage or other electrical components and ensure it is made safe and decommissioned within the requirements of your building’s property management.