Electronic recycling

Electronic recycling and disposal

Electronic RecyclingElectronic Recycling and Disposal is “getting rid of” copiers, UPS’s, computers (PC’s and laptops), televisions, phone systems, fax machines, monitors, monitor arms, docking stations, printers and electrical cords that are unwanted, obsolete or not working. Many of these devices contain confidential data that cannot end up in the wrong hands. They also contain valuable raw materials as well as toxic materials that can leech into ground water if they were to be just dumped in landfills.  

 Unio Tech Solutions is trusted to:  

  • physically destroy and shred storage devices so confidential data never re-surfaces.  
  • separate out components and valuable raw materials for re-use or recycling.  
  • isolate toxic materials so they don’t end up in landfills and waterways. 
  • handle the whole process of electronic disposal securely, lawfully and responsibly.  

Electronic recycling and disposal is an important part of being a socially responsible company. Your IT or Facilities Departments may have a technology “graveyard” that is collecting dust and taking up valuable space in your building. Unio Tech Solutions can help you to responsibly recycle your unwanted IT equipment. 

Hard Drive Shredding with certificate of destruction

An important component of electronic recycling is ensuring that the data on those devices is securely removed. Many clients opt to remove the hard drives from old laptops or PCs and have them destroyed using our hard drive shredding services. This eliminates the risk of your confidential data being compromised. Unio Tech Solutions will organize on-site or off-site hard drive shredding including an inventory of serial numbers and a certificate of destruction as per your requirements.