data center relocation

IT Networking Services

Data center relocation and IT networking are important to get “right” during the challenge of moving to a new location. As such, many of North America’s top employers contact Unio Tech Solutions to assist with the process of office relocations and hardware upgrades. Your data center is important because it houses your telecommunications systems, networking equipment (routers, communication racks and switches), your security systems (firewalls) and data storage.  In short, it’s the back-bone of your organization and needs to be protected, especially when you are doing something as risky as IT and data center relocation. 

Networking and data cabling are vitally important to the capacity and speed of your business.  We work with business owners, communication engineers, I.T. managers, construction contractors and project managers to ensure that you have all the data drops you’ll need for all of your workstations to function optimally. All cables are professionally tested. Above all, our data drops are done cleanly and in sufficient quantity to meet the current and ongoing needs of your business.

server room & data center relocation

Data center relocationYour server is often the most business critical technology you have and it is especially vulnerable to damage during a physical data center relocation. To help with this, Unio Tech Solutions specializes in careful and organized un-racking, transportation and re-racking of server equipment.  We work with your IT networking team to make your server equipment move safer and easier.

server cable management & Labelling

Server Room & Cabling Services by Unio Tech SolutionsServer cable management is the tidying of network cables (phone & data) and power cables in your communication racks and server room. This makes it easier to update or remove cables, prevent damage, prevent accidental disconnection and improve the appearance and professional image of the IT and facilities departments. Unio Tech offers server cable management as well as labelling services to help solve these problems. Messy cables are organized and clearly labelled so when its time for your next IT or data center relocation you save valuable time and resources.

Cabling Services

Server Room & Cabling Services by Unio Tech SolutionsCabling services is the planning, physical installation or removal of cables for offices, new building construction, and facilities. This includes cabling infrastructure, patch panels, switches, patch cables and installation of data drops and access points. It is the key to your IT networking and can be used to improve the speed and functionality of conference rooms and high network demand software like SolidWorks and AutoCAD. We also routinely fix the work of other installers and our planning services can help you avoid hidden issues.