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Having a clean work environment is vitally important given the ongoing challenges with the coronavirus pandemic. Workstations and the technology on it are some of the most frequently used touch points in a company’s office space. Ensuring IT equipment is cleaned regularly is key to keeping your staff safe and healthy. Unio Tech Solutions offers IT Equipment cleaning as well as Commercial Disinfecting Services to help protect your staff and keep your business up and running.


Disinfecting Services for COVID using Electrostatic SprayerDisinfecting with an electrostatic sprayer takes cleaning to the next level. Unlike surface cleaning, disinfecting with an electrostatic sprayer creates a wide range mist that wraps around everything it touches. As a result, you get full coverage disinfecting. Perfect for large office spaces, stores, warehouses, camps, schools and small businesses. Disinfecting helps reduce and prevent the spread of viruses like Covid-19.  Most importantly, it will make your staff, clients and their families feel more comfortable that you are putting their health and safety first. Contact our sales team for a quote today.

IT Equipment Cleaning

Cleaning a Keyboard with Health Canada Approved CleanerWhether you are moving workstations internally, relocating to another building or welcoming staff back in person to the office, it is a perfect time to clean all your computer hardware, monitors, keyboards and telephones. Disinfecting your technology on a regular basis helps to reduce the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. Unio Tech Solutions can easily combine this service with our disconnect/reconnect service so everything is done for your office move all at once.

Contact our sales team to book a free walk-through of your office or facility to see how Unio Tech Solutions can help with your disinfecting needs. Email [email protected] to submit your request or call 416-477-4677.

Are you confused about what kinds of products you might need? We created a couple of videos that give a review and comparison of electrostatic sprayers and disinfectants.