Don't Fall Into The IT Relocation Gap

I.T. Equipment Relocation is sometimes done in-house because it seems “easy” but you will see it is the source of most of your moveday complaints. I.T. equipment relocation — unplugging, plugging in, installing monitors, re-connecting equipment correctly, turning on computers, setting up a technology workstation ergonomically etc — is considered “too low” for I.T. Technicians. It is also considered “too high for movers,” often a day labor position paying minimum wage and requiring physical strength.

Our services fall right in the middle.

We hire very qualified techie staff. Don’t make the error of hiring movers hoping they can do techie work. They cannot.

The top I.T. worries about moving are breach of confidential data, missing equipment and equipment not working upon arrival are solved by contacting UnioTech.

We provide highly-qualified move-ready tech teams to relocate then install workstation technology, even in secure or sensitive work spaces in the executive, commercial, institutional, research and governmental sectors.