Lisa Phillips

The Project Killer – The Suspect is Found!

The Project Killer – The Suspect is Found! What’s killing your project’s vibe? In Project Management, there is something called the Project Manager Triangle, which says that your project is constrained by its deadline, budget, or scope. In other words, your project is limited by how much time you have, how much money you have,…

Plumber and the client

A Lesson From An Emergency Plumber​

A Lesson From An Emergency Plumber Hello, What can I do for you? True story. Last winter one of my employees moves from a high-rise condo in the city to a log home in the country. A beautiful home with a learning curve. It has a septic system. A high pressure water well. A basement…

The Solution To Your IT Concerns

Long ago, you sent your staff to work at home. To their credit, they realized that they were lacking some IT essentials at home. So, they took power bars, keyboards, laptops, monitors, cables and possibly even ergonomic chairs. And, bless them, they were right to do so because the lockdown lasted longer than anyone imagined.

Secure Your Move

Our teams are more highly trained and supervised than any competitor because of the vigilant on-site supervisor and the off-site screening and coordination. Our Ready On-Time Guarantee™ is the industry’s most comprehensive.

Don’t Fall Into The I.T. Relocation Gap

I.T. Equipment Relocation is sometimes done in-house because it seems “easy” but you will see it is the source of most of your moveday complaints. I.T. equipment relocation — unplugging, plugging in, installing monitors, re-connecting equipment correctly, turning on computers, setting up a technology workstation ergonomically etc — is considered “too low” for I.T. Technicians.

The Privacy Risks of Moving

Even the most secure departments and organizations are vulnerable on move day. Normally you spend a lot of time and money keeping “strangers” out. But, during the chaos of move day, you invite them into your most secure departments and offices.