Unio Tech Solutions team helping Give Back Box with sorting in a warehouse

Unio Announces Its First Strategic Alliance With A Charity

You know us — we move and organize data centers, desktop technology, IT warehouses and entire offices. So why was a Unio Tech crew moving and organizing boxes of clothing, and household goods?

Give Back Box and Unio Tech Solutions

Monika Wiela is the founder of Give Back Box®, a global charity with big retail partners like Amazon, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, ALDO and Hanes.

Retailers like these ship their goods to customers in boxes. Give Back Box® gives millions of these boxes a second life each year. It makes donations easy and helps millions of people in a very practical way.

“You Make a Difference. We Make it Easy. Clearing out your closet? Give Back Box® makes donating your gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories a snap. Simply fill a box, enter your information below (into the website), and print a free, prepaid shipping label. Your donations will be directed to local charities to help the people who need it most.”

How Give Back Box® Started

In 2012, Monika was living in LA. She walked by a homeless man with no shoes. At that time, Monika was an online shoe retailer. She went home, grabbed an extra pair of shoes and returned to find him. He was gone. She wondered, how do I connect people like me to people like him – people who have stuff others need and can easily give.

The idea expanded from there. Monika is a unique person. She acts on her great ideas. Today Give Back Box® is a global charity.
It gives people like you and me an opportunity to participate in giving back to the community and it’s so easy for us to help.

Here's How Easy It Is To Use Give Back Box®

When was the last time you had something delivered to your home or office? 

Many homes receive about 3 deliveries per week. That adds up to a lot of empty boxes and potentially a lot of stuff. What if you take one of those empty boxes and turn it into a Give Back Box®. You can start by leaving the empty box at the front door.  

Drop “good stuff” you no longer want or need into that box. For example, that sweater you bought last winter but never wore, or the waffle iron that just takes up too much space in the cupboard.  

Within a couple of days that once empty box is full. Then seal up the box, download a prepaid shipping label and attach it to the box. On your way out of the house, grab the box and put it into the back seat of your vehicle. 

Sometime during the week, you’ll likely end up at a PUDOpoint, Pick Up and Drop Off point, which is inside convenience stores or a postal outlet, usually inside a pharmacy or nearby store. So it’s easy for you to drop off because both those locations are likely part of your normal routine.  

From there, your box of donated goods ships for free to a warehouse where it is opened and sorted. The right items end up with the right charitable groups and benefit the right people. The process is easy from start to finish. How do we know? 

Let’s circle back to our opening question: What is the connection between Unio Tech and moving and organizing boxes of clothing and household goods? The answer is Give Back Box®. 

We helped out by donating staff time to unbox and sort out the goods shipped via Give Back Box®. Over several days our staff sorted through many hundreds of packages at a nearby warehouse. From there, these packages were redirected to local charitable organizations.  

Many of these items are sold by the participating charity and the revenues are used to help fund community-based programs, including job training, employment placement services and support services such as financial education and transportation. 

If you are interested in donating via Give Back Box®, simply create an account at www.GiveBackBox.com or www.GiveBackBox.ca. You can use your tracking number to itemize your donation and direct it to your charity of choice. Once your donation has been accepted and processed, you’ll get a donation receipt via email. Few things are as simple, easy, and helpful as Give Back Box®. 

To find a post office near you visit www.usps.com for US clients or www.canadapost-postescanada.ca/cpc/en/home.page for Canadian clients. To find PUDOpoint near you in Canada or the US visit www.pudopoint.com