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Post-Move IT Support: Ensuring a Seamless Transition

Moving into a new office or returning after a large renovation can be a daunting task for any company. For project managers, especially those working for office furniture companies, commercial moving companies, or property managers working for global real estate services firms, the complexity of relocating and setting up IT infrastructure is significant. Getting it right is crucial. It’s like opening night at the movies or theater; good reviews are rarely shared, but bad ones can spread quickly. The goal is for employees to rave about their new office and share their positive first-day experiences. This article provides valuable insights into the crucial role of Post-Move IT Support during such transitions, ensuring that the move is smooth, and employees can get back to work with minimal disruptions.

Understanding Post-Move IT Support

When an office undergoes a major move or renovation, it’s essential to have on-site IT support for the first day back at the office. Typically, one Unio technician is allocated per 25 employees, though this can vary depending on the size and complexity of the setup. If Unio Tech also handled the IT reconnect or the unbox and install of new equipment, we don’t expect your staff to encounter non-functional technology. We verify that everything powers on and report or fix any deficiencies. The primary goal of Unio Tech’s Post-Move IT Support is to ensure that employees can transition smoothly into their new workspace by helping them with any IT questions without overwhelming the on-site IT staff.

Reorienting Staff

Imagine it’s the first day back in the office after a significant move. Employees accustomed to working from home are now navigating a new environment. This scenario is akin to the first day of school—everyone needs a bit of reorientation. Unio Tech plays a vital role in guiding employees through this transition, helping them get accustomed to their new workstations, and ensuring they have everything they need.

For example, Vish, an IT Project Manager, recounts a situation where employees were required to bring back their peripherals. Despite clear instructions, several staff members forgot these items. Having extra keyboards and mice on hand allowed the IT team to quickly set up replacements, ensuring minimal downtime and “noise.”

Customizing Workstations

Another common scenario involves employees with specific setup preferences. The Unio Tech team meticulously arranges every workstation uniformly, creating a “wow” and professional reveal for the incoming staff. However, once the employees settle in, there are some employees that might prefer different configurations, such as vertical monitors or specific ergonomic setups.

Davey, one of Unio Tech’s senior technicians, recalls a project where he helped an employee adjust their workstation by setting up dual monitors vertically rather than horizontally, and introducing the staff to operating a sit-stand desk. This personalized support not only increased employee satisfaction but also enhanced their productivity from day one. Unio Tech ensures these changes adhere to the IT department’s standards, maintaining organized and functional offices.

Addressing Technical Issues

Despite thorough preparation, issues can arise. Old docking stations, incompatible cables, or missing peripherals are common problems. Sometimes the issue is power bars from employees’ homes, perhaps with frayed electrical cords. If we spot it, we report it or switch it out with a replacement from IT storage. Unio’s technicians act as a buffer, addressing these issues promptly and preventing a backlog of help desk tickets. This proactive approach ensures that employees can start their work without unnecessary delays. Unio Tech even ensures that each issue has a ticket, even if handled on the spot, if that is what the IT department prefers. We act as an extension of your team.

Christian, a senior tech specialist, shares a story of a move where several employees returned to the office with outdated docking stations. By having a supply of new docks and cables, Christian and his Unio team were able to replace the outdated equipment swiftly, tidy the cables (of course) and ensure a smooth transition.

Managing Large-Scale Returns

Managing the influx of hundreds or even thousands of employees returning to work can be challenging. In such cases, having one to six IT staff might not be enough to handle the sheer volume of requests and issues that come up during the first days in a new office. Without extra help to handle the temporary surge in demand, it could take weeks for the IT team to handle the backlog. This is where our “temporary” tech teams come in, handling the first-day confusion, and alleviating some of the stress on both the IT staff and employees. (By the way, all members of our tech team are employees, we are only temporary for you. We help you scale up and handle the peaks in demand.)

Lisa, a project manager, explains how her team was hired to manage a large-scale return to work for a client with several floors of employees. The presence of additional tech support ensured that the IT staff could focus on their usual workload and high-priority tickets, while the tech team handled the immediate needs and questions of returning employees.

Acting as IT Greeters

Post-Move IT Support isn’t just about fixing technical issues; it’s also about providing a welcoming presence. IT staff often act as greeters, answering questions, and helping employees with minor issues. This approach is similar to a hospitality or customer service model, where the goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and supported.

Lisa describes how her team walked around the office on the first day, wearing branded “Tech Team” T-shirts to make them easily identifiable. They helped employees with everything from connecting to the Wi-Fi to setting up their printers, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Handling Specialized Needs

Some offices have unique requirements, such as translation services for bilingual staff or specific ergonomic needs. Providing tailored support in these areas can significantly enhance the overall transition experience.

For example, in a recent move, Unio Tech staff who spoke both French and English were provided, helping bilingual employees navigate their new office. Additionally, they set up specialized IT equipment for employees with specific ergonomic needs, ensuring everyone was comfortable and ready to work.

Providing Continuous Support

The need for tech support doesn’t end on the first day. Continuous support is essential, especially if the office has a staggered return-to-work plan. IT staff might work in shifts to accommodate different groups of employees, ensuring that everyone receives the assistance they need.

James, a project coordinator, describes a scenario where tech help was provided over five days as different teams returned to the office. A team of two techs for every day of the first week ensured that all employees had a smooth transition, regardless of when they arrived.

Supporting IT Departments

In many cases, post-move support involves assisting the existing IT department by handling lower-priority tasks and help desk tickets. This allows the in-house IT team to focus on more critical systems and issues.

Sonam, an Unio Tech staff member, recalls how his team acted as runners during a large move, delivering wireless keyboards, mice, and other peripherals to employees. They worked directly with the IT staff to quickly handle tickets and prevent backlog. They also walked the floor and checked that all workstations were correctly set up and reported any deficiencies, helping the IT department manage their workload more effectively.


Post-Move IT Support is essential for ensuring a smooth transition into a new or renovated office. By providing personalized assistance, addressing technical issues, and acting as a welcoming presence, IT support staff play a crucial role in helping employees feel comfortable and productive from day one. Whether hired by a furniture company, property manager, or independent consultant, IT director or office manager the goal remains the same: to make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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