The Project Killer - The Suspect is Found!

What's killing your project's vibe?

In Project Management, there is something called the Project Manager Triangle, which says that your project is constrained by its deadline, budget, or scope. In other words, your project is limited by how much time you have, how much money you have, and how much quality you need to deliver so your client is happy with the final product.

Speed: the rate at which you need the project done

Quality: the standard to which you need things done

Price: the amount of money you have to spend

It works like this:

If speed is most important to you, then you will likely have to sacrifice quality or price.
If quality is most important, then you will likely have to sacrifice speed or price.
And finally, if price is most important or limited, then you will likely have to sacrifice speed or quality.

In short, projects work best when you rank your priorities in order of importance. Think back to your last project. In what order of importance was speed, price, quality? Did you share these priorities with your vendors?

It’s important to know that when you rank your top two (speed, price or quality) as “most important,” that it’s up to your vendor to tell you how to best accomplish the third priority considering your constraints. If your vendor is an expert, they can always tell you how you can get exactly what you want, and give you a fair price to do it.

As you may know, our company Unio Tech, provides tech teams to do the hands-on, physical work for IT Departments and projects that include technology in its scope. We’ve done many thousands of IT Relocations, Data Center Relocations, and New Technology Installations. We also do many fixes of other company’s work. Sometimes the issues are caused by an inexperienced vendor who was unfamiliar with the equipment; sometimes the installer was too sloppy or rushed but most times the ranking of priorities (price, quality and speed) unintentionally created an undesirable result.

For example, if your client wants to pay as little as possible (price) and your project needs to be done fast (speed), you need to know that the quality will nearly be non-existent. This is usually what causes the sloppy cables or “spaghetti cables” you see dangling under the desks in almost all glass walled offices. Doing sloppy work isn’t in Unio Tech’s DNA, so we don’t compete for jobs that have insufficient budget to deliver “decent quality.”

Project Managers and IT Managers love us because our tech teams do the hands-on physical work – and we’re very quick at it. We also bring the right size teams for your project. We don’t want furniture installers or movers or decommission teams or staff waiting on us. We do in a weekend what would take an internal team weeks to do. In fact, we’re 93% faster than internal IT teams and our competitors.

Our focus is speed, and we hire techs based on their ability to work fast and learn quickly. But we’re not just a bunch of speedsters – we’re precise and professional, like a Nascar pit crew.

Once our techs are producing speed, we train for quality. For example, a single tech can install many thousands of monitors every year. We deliver quality and precision by repetition, repetition, repetition. Also, we have a system in place whereby our tech team supervisors inspect for quality as the job is in progress. But it is our speed that makes the quality we deliver affordable.

Sometimes we provide the lowest quote, but we never compete to be the cheapest vendor. If we happen to be the least expensive, it is because it is an honest price to deliver the speed and quality you want. It’s the result of our efficiency.

While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest vendor or use “free” staff, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. “Free” can be very expensive when you consider the cost of delays and having a result you are not so amazingly proud of.

Almost always, internal technology teams and other IT services firms staff your project with too few people to get the job done within a reasonable timeframe and to a comparable quality standard. Sometimes your client insists on using internal teams and sometimes your client has a pre-existing contract that forbids them from using a vendor like us. When you actually do have the control to select your delivery team, be sure to select vendors that share and understand your project’s priorities.

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