Disinfecting Office for COVID using Electrostatic Sprayer

5 Reasons That DISINFECTING Your Facility Is Vitally Important

Offices, businesses and schools in the Greater Toronto area have had a lot of ups and downs over the past year. Are we open? Are we closed? It has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of stress to your mental health, productivity and your bottom line. For businesses having your offices closed is not good financially. Being able to serve your customers in person is an important part of any sales process.

There are a lot of products and services available to disinfect your office. Regardless of your viewpoint on the pandemic, disinfecting is an important part of ensuring your business has the best chance to survive and thrive during these uncertain times. Here are a several reasons why.

Reason #1

If Covid reaches someone in your bubble there is the risk that you or some of your key staff will need to self-isolate. This can mean time away from work, which can put serious limits to your ability to serve your clients and deliver services depending on your industry. Why would you risk this? Disinfecting will minimize health risks and reduce the spread of all kinds of viruses, not only Covid.

Reason #2

Your customers might feel worried or anxious about getting sick from Covid or concerned they may spread it to other people they know. Promoting that you are doing regular disinfecting can help to put their mind at ease. It can make them feel more comfortable to actually come into your place of business. This can have a direct impact on your sales. The lockdowns in Toronto, Missisauga, Vaughan and other parts of the GTA can truly kill your income, so when businesses are allowed to be open you need to maximize your sales to make up for the times when you were shut down.

Reason #3

Staff productivity – when people are feeling anxious they are not productive. Showing your staff that you are disinfecting regularly and taking every precaution to keep them health will increase their peace of mind. You can focus and get things done with much more ease when you are not worried. Communicating to your staff about what disinfecting and cleaning measures your company is taking is an important part of this step. Don’t assume they know all the things you are doing to reduce virus spread and keep your office disinfected.

Reason #4

You or your staff might have family members in your bubble that are at higher risk to become ill or who might have underlying conditions that make them more susceptible to becoming sick. Because of the continued lockdowns throughout the Greater Toronto Area there is an element of ensuring you minimize risk to your families. Especially if you have school age children or elderly parents. If everyone takes reasonable precautions we have a greater chance of getting things back to normal.

Reason #5

As a business owner or a senior level staff member at a company, you have a responsibility to ensure you do all that you can to keep all your stakeholders safe and healthy. You don’t want to live with regret. Don’t wait until something goes wrong and then think, “Oh I wish I had started disinfecting earlier.” It is not worth the risk to your business or the people you love and care about. Remember, if someone gets sick it does open you up to liability issues if you didn’t take the government required steps to keep everyone protected.

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