Office Moving Does’t Have To Be Stressful With The Right Help

Almost everyone can relate to moving a home. That day and leading up to that day is stressful and chaotic at best. But when you’re in an organization where it’s not just you judging the value of your work, you’ve got bosses and employees, and you’re moving hundreds of workstations and server rooms, it adds a level of complexity that can take you by surprise if you aren’t prepared.

If your company is preparing for office moving, it’s even worse because with Covid, staff aren’t even coming in to the office to help the person responsible for organizing workstation packing. Usually each staff member would pack up their individual workstation. However, with the lockdowns in the Greater Toronto Area things are a bit different. Many companies are opting to bring in outside packers to pack-up each staff member’s workstation.

It’s a strange time for office moving, so you really do need to make sure that you’re working with the right people. You want people that are there for you and will help you succeed when problems arise. You need a team that can actually solve problems quickly and actually be so organized that problems don’t arise in the first place.

Here are some tips on assembling the best office moving team to help you.

Tip #1 – Check For Reviews

A lot can be said for looking for reviews online about a potential company. If the company is good at what they do, they will want to promote their good work to prospective clients. Reading customer reviews from google or other sources can give you an idea of what to expect. If there are no reviews, why? What are they hiding?

Tip #2 – Office Moving Is A Special Project That Needs A Manager

Moving an office is a big undertaking especially since you will likely still be operating during the move. You need little to no down time. With the majority of staff busy with the daily responsibilities it is advisable to assign a project manager to oversee all aspects of the move. Having one trusted person to coordinate all the trades is key. It is common to hire an external person for this kind of role, because they can give you an outside perspective. There are many people who do this for a living and they will be able to help you avoid stresses and confusion through their specialized techniques of overseeing these kinds of special projects.

Tip #3 – Willingness to Help

You want to select a company that will go above and beyond for you. The Toronto lockdowns have brought many challenges to businesses and in particular, lots of limitations in terms of staffing. As many of your key staff may not physically be in the office, having an external team who cares about doing an excellent job and who works in your best interest is vitally important to a project being completed successfully. Interview possible companies and ask them scenario questions to see how they would handle it.

Tip #4 – Social Proof

In additional to looking at google reviews you can also look at a company’s social media channels to see how they are representing themselves to potential clients. Do they have videos on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube? Are they regularly posting examples of the work they do? This kind of social proof ties into the reviews tip, but it also gives you as a potential client some reality on what you can expect from them.

Tip #5 – The One Stop Shop

Finding a company that can be a one stop shop for office moving can make it much easier. Why? You are dealing with one point of contact who can coordinate all the different trades for you. From electronic recyling services, disconnect/reconnect of technology, monitor installation, HVAC and electrical services or even a full office decommission, having a trusted person to guide you through all the steps of your office move is advisable. It’s less stressful for you and it will make it more streamlined for your I.T. Manager and Facilities Manager to know what is going on.

Unio Tech Solutions has worked on many office moving projects, office decommissions and other projects requiring this one stop shop approach. Contact us if you have questions about your upcoming office move. Our team would be happy to help you. Learn more here: https://uniotechsolutions.com/services/decommissioning-services/