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I.T. Relocation & Special Project Services

Working with companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, Unio Tech Solutions offers a full range of I.T. Relocation Services and Special Projects so that your corporate move is easy and successful. We work closely with facilities managers and I.T. managers during each phase of a move project including planning, coordination, execution and post-move fine tunes. Consider us a part of your team!

We can also be an extension of your I.T. and Facilities departments on an ongoing basis to assist with internal moves, asset tagging, computer lab organization, new equipment deployments, access point installation, technology cleaning and more.

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Unio Tech Solutions is here to help you with all aspects of your upcoming office move including the following services:

Disconnect/Reconnect Service for I.T. Equipment

Disconnect/Reconnect Service for I.T. Equipment​We disconnect, pack and set-up in their new location all of your I.T. assets and hardware, such as computers, monitor arms, keyboards, servers, phones, docking stations and other equipment. After the reconnect, devices are powered up and tested to ensure that everything is ready for your first day back working at your new location.

Next Business Day Fine Tune Service

Next Business Day Fine Tune Service​After a move is completed there is always “fine-tuning” to be done so that each end user is happy and productive in their new workstation. This may include adjusting hardware placement, equipment swaps, or moving monitor arms. Bring us in to work with your I.T. Department so that the first day in your new location is smooth with no down time.

Monitor Arm Installations

It is common for companies to add new monitor arms to workstations to refresh and clear the space for staff to work more efficiently. Unio Tech Solutions has installed thousands of monitor arms for corporate clients all over Toronto.

New Deployments of Hardware

New Deployments of Hardware​New equipment installations can be stressful if you don’t have a team in place to oversee and execute your hardware refresh. Whether it is a new telephones, monitors, keyboards & mice, monitor arms, or laptops, contact us and we’ll take care of all your new equipment deployments for your team.

Server Room & Data Centre Moves

Server Room & Data Centre Moves​When a company is moving one of the most important pieces of equipment to move is your server. Unio Tech is experienced in un-racking and re-racking servers so they can be moved safely to your new location. This includes moves within the Toronto area and across the country.

Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling​Often during an office move there is computer equipment or hard drives that you want to replace. Let us safely and securely remove old equipment from your location and disposal of it properly. We can also organize onsite hard drive shredding which includes serial number tracking and certificates of destruction as per your requirements.

I.T. Equipment Cleaning

During an I.T. relocation it is a perfect time to clean all your computer hardware, keyboards and telephones so the equipment is fresh for your staff in your new space. Unio Tech Solutions can easily combine this service with our disconnect/reconnect service so everything is done for your office move all at once.

Cabling Services

Cabling Services​Networking and data cabling your new space is vitally important to a successful office move. We work with business owners, communication engineers, I.T. managers, construction contractors and project managers to ensure that you have all the data drops you’ll need for all of your workstations to function optimally. All cables are professionally tested.

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